Facebook’s Atlas Helps Monteith’s ‘Follow No One’

New Zealand brewery DB Breweries raised a glass to digital agency PHDIQ and Facebook’s Atlas ad platform for its recent online-video campaign.

New Zealand brewery DB Breweries raised a glass to digital agency PHDIQ and Facebook’s Atlas ad platform for its recent online-video campaign.

DB Breweries tapped PHDIQ and Atlas for the “Follow No One” campaign for its Monteith’s brand, which ran for seven months.

Measurement was a key factor in DB Breweries’ and PHDIQ’s choice of Atlas, with PHDIQ head of digital planning Christophe Spencer saying in a release:

We needed a partner that could measure online reach and frequency against our specific target audience. Additionally, we had to prove whether online video could be more effective than TV at building 1+ reach against our audience. Until now, we haven’t been able to measure this accurately.

Working with Atlas has allowed us to overcome this challenge; through an anonymized way, we can now determine the age and gender profile of the people we’ve reached across all sites we are advertising on.

Spencer also pointed out that measurement capabilities PHDIQ used prior to Atlas were only able to count cookies served, which led to issues of duplicated reach across multiple devices.

Atlas global head of sales Damian Burns stressed his company’s focus on people-based marketing in the release, saying:

Atlas is an ad-serving and measurement platform that uses information from Facebook to deliver highly relevant ads to any person online, while protecting their privacy.

Readers: What did you think of Monteith’s “Follow No One” campaign and its use of Atlas?

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