Are Video Comments Going Mainstream?

Fred Wilson has announced that Disqus and Seesmic are teaming up to provide video comments. I’ve already added Seesmic commenting to this site and aside from the one post where I announced that I’d support Seesmic comments, nobody has used it. There appears to be a debate now over whether or not video comments make much sense.

My thoughts are that video commenting provides a great alternative for those that prefer to use video instead of text. If that wasn’t the most obvious response, I don’t know what is. Loren Feldman is a good example of somebody that benefits from video comments. YouTube is already the center of video commenting and now it is extending to blogs. We will continue to see more written comments than video comments on blogs though.

Some people communicate more effectively through video and some people communicate more effectively for writing. That’s the difference between bloggers and vloggers. I unfortunately have not taken advantage of Disqus because for some reason I like owning the comments on my blog. Call me crazy but it’s a personal preference. Disqus is a great way to get comments up and running on your site though and I have a feeling that it may spread the same way MyBlogLog did, I’m just not one of the users for the time being.

Do you think video comments are mainstream? Have you been using them at all? Have you or would you install Disqus on your own site?