Are Games the Future of Facebook?

In the spirit of the Game Developers Conference taking place this week in San Francisco, I figured I would touch on the subject since the biggest buzz at the event revolves around “social gaming.” Ultimately, playing games with your friends is nothing new. People have been playing MMORGs (massively multiplayer online roleplaying games) for a while now and XBOX Live is not exactly the freshest gaming platform out there right now.

While not social gaming may not be a foreign concept for many, playing games on Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular past time. The primary selling factor is that you can easily connect with your friends for a quick game of Scrabble or Texas Hold’em and there is very little time requirements. Best of all it’s primarily our friends that we’re competing with. This is in comparison to sites like Kongregate that provide aspects of social gaming but the users you play against may not necessarily be your friends.

If you take a look at the most popular applications on Facebook you will notice that all the top developers are building either gaming or dating applications and any other top apps are simply an expression of self-identity. So do you think Facebook is going to become the next hot gaming platform or will the users simply go to the next cool thing? Many of these games remind me of a more flashy version of the original Yahoo! Games.