Another Addictive Facebook Game has launched a number of Facebook applications but this one seems to top the rest. The Traveler IQ Challenge currently has close to 400,000 users and is growing rapidly. There is a reason for the viral growth. The Traveler IQ Challenge application provides users with an interactive way of testing their geographic knowledge.

Various cities and landmarks are displayed and the goal is to click as close as possible to where the place is on the map. The closer and quicker you are to the location, the higher the points. This game is fun and addictive. The best component is the ability to compare your scores to your friends. I am currently ranked 8th out of my 9 friends that have added the application which is pretty embarrassing.

This application should be used by all those intending to launch a game application. Everything about it is well thought out and executed. If you want to waste some time, go grab the Traveler IQ Challenge application. This is an addictive game though so don’t say I didn’t warn you.