Announcing the Facebook Tutorial Series

Have you been confused by the new Facebook design? Are there still things that you can’t figure out how to do on Facebook and never were able to? In keeping with the theme of this site, we are working to produce the most comprehensive series of tutorials on the web on how to use Facebook. Over the next year we will be releasing full video tutorials on how to use Facebook.

AllFacebook is not simply a blog. We are working to create the single most comprehensive resource for everything related to Facebook. This is simply the next step in keeping with that vision. The first video in our series is “How to Create a Facebook Profile“. We will be posting more videos and instructional guides over the coming weeks and months.

To stay up to date with all of our tutorials, check out the Facebook tutorials page. We will be updating that page regularly so check back for the latest tutorials on Facebook. We figured that with all the confusion surrounding the new Facebook design, this would be the perfect time to release our tutorial series. Hopefully you find this information to be useful!

For those that are Facebook experts, please keep in mind that we are starting with the most basic information and working our way up from there. Once we are complete with the Facebook tutorial series, there should be something that everybody can learn from. We will be working to improve sounds and video quality over the coming weeks. We will also make the videos available in multiple formats so that it is accessible for everybody.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions!