Android In Pie Charts

A post on the Tweetdeck blog has two interesting pie charts that were generated from the data collected during the beta of the Tweetdeck Android app. The charts show a massive variety of phones and versions of the Android operating system, with the majority of the numbers driven by people who are running a custom ROM on their phone.

Many of the phones models listed I’ve never heard of with names like Arsal’s Nexus One, which I am certain are from custom ROMS. One piece of good news is that the OS Version chart shows that half the users are running Android 2.2, and I am sure that if the custom ROMS were removed Android 2.2 would have a larger piece of the pie.

The charts could be viewed as evidence of the fragmentation of Android, but it really depicts the incredible amount of customization that can be done by those technical enough to install custom ROMS on their phone. I also think it can also be used to diminish the issue of fragmentation because the same Tweetdeck app ran on all those different phones, although I am sure that much variety can give software vendors a headache thinking about supporting their apps.