AdAge Digital: What’s Worth Your Attention in ’08


We made it back to Adage’s Digital Marketing conference for the last panel, “What’s Worth Your Attention in 2008,” moderated by Edelman Digital’s Steve Rubel, and featuring Craig Daitch of Digitas, Josha Stylman of Reprise Media, Jeremy Wright of Nokia Interactive and Matt Zucker of

Steve started out the panel speaking a bit about the changing web, “we’re moving to Web services – the embeddable Web.” He then followed up with a few questions to the audience, which we voted on using small devices placed on our seats.

The first question proved we were in the minority: Are you Twittering this conference? 89% said no, 11% said yes.

Next, how important is measuring emerging media? 51% said very important, 44% somewhat important and only 2% said not important.

Craig Daitch of Digitas stated, “New technology is turning everyone into a live streaming broadcaster,” and went on to say, regarding Twitter, “I’ve learned more in 150 characters than I have in my entire life. I’ve found the best and brightest in my industry and we follow each other, and we share and express our opinions.”

When asked how to stay ahead of the curve, Dan Hodges of Nokia Interactive said, “For any of the emerging media, follow consumer behavior, pay attention to what they’re doing.”

Regarding search, Joshua Stylman of Reprise Media said, “People say, ‘search gets to much credit, because it’s the last click.’ Search is not just another line item on a media plan, it can serve as an integration point of all forms of media. Think about your own behavior, do you search just when you’re buying stuff or when you’re doing research. Search as a market intelligence vehicle. How can that inform your marketing and building better products.”

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