Ad Execs Trumpet Mobile Media Opportunities

Jordan Berman, the executive director of media innovation for AT&T Mobility, compared the process of introducing ad-supported media at a wireless carrier to a speedboat trying to turn around a tanker. That sums up the atmosphere at an ad industry conference on Wednesday, MediaPost reports, even as Berman and Verizon ad exec Stephanie Bauer assured attendees at the Mobile Marketing Forum the companies were advancing with ad initiatives on cell phones.

“Advertising is something completely different from what telcos are used to,” said Bauer, who shared a panel with Berman at the conference. “We’re trailblazing, and sometimes that can be a painful process, but we’re getting through it and trying to help brands and advertisers” buy on mobile media.

The panelists talked up much of the usual mobile ad strategies: SMS campaigns, WAP sites, on-deck ads, banner ads, and most importantly, the ability to tie campaigns in with advertising on more traditional platforms such as the desktop Web and on television.