Accesorize Your MySpace Profiles with UGotbling

UGotbling is a free accessory site for mySpace profiles that is easy to use and install to prep up your mySpace personal sites. The site offers free MySpace layouts, backgrounds, graphics, comments and other cool profile accessories.

ugotbling.gifUGotbling is different from thousands of accessory sites on the internet because of its “profile makeover” feature which allows users to preview the profiles users are making even without inserting codes on their profiles yet. This lessens the number of trials and errors when users are customizing their profiles.

There are several fun things or blings that you can get from UGotbling and these include:

Bling themes – from girl to guy things, to gothic, music, patterns, sexy and sporty themes, UGotbling will satisfy your craving for sassy and spunky themes that you can implement on your MySpace profile. To install a specific theme, all you need to do is copy a special code and paste it unto your MySpace Profiles’ About Me HTML page.

Bling Graphics – decorate your MySpace profiles with these fun and cool graphics. You can also send hot texts and graphic comments to your friends.

Bling Creator – allows you to create your own design for layouts and even adds a tool for putting glitters into your head banner.

Bling Customizer – lets you customize your MySpace even further by tweaking codes to center your profile, resize comment images, hide blog & extended network, hide contact table, among many other layout features.

UGotbling Exclusives – are seasonal exclusive design tweaks for MySpace profile specially created by UGotbling programmers themselves.

UGotbling is a useful MySpace customization tool. If you are a heavy user of MySpace, then you would certainly love UGotbling as you get additional nifty features for free. Try it now, and tell us which bling have you used.