’s 8.3 Million Streams

ABCLogo_1.21.jpgABC News Digital is out with its numbers for yesterday’s inauguration coverage. The network had a record 8.3 million views on and across partner sites including Yahoo! and Verizon VCast.

ABC embedded its Charlie Gibson, Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos coverage directly on the homepage, the only network to do so.

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ABC News Digital delivered an all-time high total of 8.3 million videos views on and across its partner sites including Yahoo! and Verizon VCast throughout Inauguration Day, January 20. had a record high of video views — up more than 96 percent versus its previous high on the site.’s previous record video traffic day came on Election Day 2008. Site uniques also marked a significant increase of more than 235 percent over the average daily traffic during the past 30 weekdays, and page views were up 116 percent over the average daily traffic during the past 30 weekdays. ABC News Mobile saw over half a million hits to its site at, and ABC News’ new iPhone application delivered top on demand video of the Inauguration Day’s events.
Record video traffic was driven by the live stream of the ABC Television network’s special coverage presented in 16 x 9 widescreen format and embedded directly on’s Homepage. was the only network news site to directly embed its live stream on its Homepage.

Traffic highs were attributed to exclusive Inauguration Day features, including:

ABC Television network’s special coverage of Barack Obama’s Inauguration anchored by Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos and joined by a team of ABC News anchors, correspondents and analysts covering the day’s events, embedded on the Homepage.

ABC News NOW’s live coverage of the day, streamed on, Yahoo!, Verizon VCast and other partner sites. The coverage was co-anchored by Sam Donaldson and Rick Klein, Senior Political Reporter and Author of “The Note,” beginning at 9AM EST and continuing until 10PM EST and included live reports from ABC News correspondents covering all the inaugural activities, ABC News On Campus reporters at watching parties around the nation, and inaugural ball fashion watch hosted by ABC News NOW anchor Jackie Hyland.

Inauguration day blogs from George Stephanopoulos, Jake Tapper, Jon Berman, Jonathan Karl, David Wright and Rick Klein.

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