Launches pre-GMA Webcast

This morning ABC’s “Good Morning America” launched what will be a daily 15-minute live webcast on the homepage and “GMA” page. It’s called GMA@6:45 and streams from 6:45 to 7:00 a.m.

This web program, hosted from the GMA set in Times Square, offers a jump start on the top political stories of the day leading up to — and teasing — GMA. ABC News’ Political Director, Amy Walter is one of the hosts, and this morning ABC News’ John Berman co-hosted. Berman did his damnedest to wrap up the weekend’s political news in 60 seconds. Jonathan Karl then came on to talk in depth about them: shady fundraising, Obama campaigning, and Tea Party news.

Berman also took viewers for a walk into the GMA control room — “On the Internet, we have to walk backwards” — used the iPad to show a Kentucky Senate campaign ad, and had a special appearance from George Stephanopoulos.

Dan Harris, Bianna Golodryga, Juju Chang, and Ron Claiborne will be part of a rotating co-host team. If you’re a political junky this is a a quick, entertaining look at the state of midterms now just a week away. Here’s the first episode:

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