A Different Approach to SAT Preparation

If you know anyone with kids gearing up to take the SAT, and the kids prefer to study in a “suck-free” way, point them toward Higher Score Insight.

The online SAT-prep site is the brainchild of John Shoffner, and it launched Oct. 1. It describes itself as “a multimedia platform that combines music, film, characters, visual marks, community, an easy user interface, multiperspective contributors and more in order to make education stick in a ‘suck-free’ way.”

Shoffner said:

We offer a specific, educational experience that treats the SAT not as a unique phenomenon, but as a mere occasion to practice the skills one needs to overcome challenges. Higher Score Insight is designed to encourage the average American high school student to apply intense focus to the SAT content without the encouraging boredom.

If you want to know what it’s like to be taught math by a “giant bear jacked up on energy drinks,” sample the video below.