5 Facebook Photo Album Names That Get More Clicks

Naming a photo album can be more challenging than uploading it, but the Pixable team is here with advice on how to choose the best name.

The hardest part of putting a photo album on Facebook is naming it.

You want to show the world how awesome your life is, but you want to have an album title as cool as the night you took the photos. The trick here is to reach the perfect happy medium between nonchalance and intrigue: Something that gives viewers an insight into what was going on, but mostly just leaves them in more mystery than before, and wishing they were you, or at least with you.

The Quote

A solid choice is always to pick out the most crazy, ridiculous, or (slightly) misleading thing friend says; perhaps a vague reference, or a quote that leaves your night seeming questionable. This quote cannot be anything that sounds normal; rather it should be something taken severely out of context or something that indicates that everyone else really missed out.

Tip: Editing quotes slightly is always acceptable – – we’ll call it artistic privilege.

The Lyric

If there is no quote that properly encapsulates the night, there’s always the song lyric. The song lyric is taking the witty or deep thing someone said far better than your friends and making it about your friends. Classic examples are using lyrics from “Hotel California” in California or “Empire State of Mind” on a trip to New York.

Tip: Don’t use the lyric “These lights will inspire you,” instead go for the more subtle “Good girls gone bad, the cities filled with them” – someone might even think you came up with it.

The Event

There’s always the issue of being in a place like Cabo that doesn’t have the same plethora of songs made about it – and in that case you can always use an event. The event shouldn’t be described in detail; rather it should sound absolutely absurd. The event should be something that probably should have never happened, and definitely should never be described further. Something like “The time we found John in the tiger cage” is always appropriate.

Tip: The tiger cage doesn’t even have to be a real tiger cage, it can be something you metaphorically called the tiger cage – no one has to know.

The Pun

If you’re feeling particularly clever there’s always the pun. The pun is a variation of something made to sound absolutely ridiculous to fit into your context. This one is great because it’s almost invariably subtle, and intrigues your Facebook friends enough to creepily go through the pictures of your album trying to figure out what the title is referring to.

Tip: Songs are great for this, “I got 99 problems, but Cuervo ain’t one” is always a great fallback.

The Fallback

Then there’s the title that’s just the date or the name of the event. While occasionally stylized to look like tHiS or to be in l33t sp34k there’s generally very little playing around with this title. It’s the title that just says “Birthday” or “Spring Break: Live it up” – it says you’re a little busy having a life to think about this any longer.

Tip: If you need a tip for this one, that’s probably a problem!

So next time you’re naming your album, remember it’s that witty offhand name that will make you the envy of all of your networks. So what’s your album name of choice?

The Pixable team supplied us with this guest post.

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