10 Cool Modules to Beef Up Your Yahoo Mash Profile

yahoomash.jpgYahoo’s social networking site Mash has been around for quite some time now and yet it has never seemed to get a good leap from the ground. Yes, despite bearing the Yahoo brand, Yahoo Mash failed to gain mass popularity and to get into the ranks of top social networks such as mySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn.

It is such a pity that such a good social network such as Yahoo Mash, bearing the branding of a major internet player would not make it to the spot or even gain significant membership base. But for those who still use Yahoo Mash since day one of its inception and up to now here are 10 cool Yahoo Mash modules that could beef up your profile. If you are not using Yahoo Mash yet, these 10 modules might get you started.

  1. yahoomash_mymashlog.jpgMyMashLog – similar to myBloglog, another Yahoo property, this module lets you leave a trail when visiting your Mash network’s profiles. It lets you view your profile visitors as well.
  2. my latest del.icio.us links – install this module and supply your del.icio.us username and you don’t have to worry about visiting del.icio.us’ site again.
  3. Twitterati – Monitor your Twitter buddies’ activities on Twitter. Now why would you do that? To save time and windows tabs of course.
  4. Digg Popular Items – Get updates on the most popular Digg items right in your Mash profile.
  5. Wheel of Lunch – Powered by Yahoo’s OneSearch, a local search engine, this is a very useful module if you don’t know where to get your lunch.
  6. yahoomash_myyoutubevideo.jpgmy YouTube videos – Yeah, YouTube is Google’s video uploading site, but it doesn’t hurt to have Yahoo rival’s own product in their property right?
  7. blog module RSS 2.0 – It’s RSS and blogging, we all need that in our social network profile
  8. Flickr explorer – Did I say that Mash and Flickr are both Yahoo properties? That explains the number of Flickr modules available for use in Yahoo mash. But this one is the best of them. It let’s you display fun images from Flickr into your Mash profile.
  9. put your Digg in a box – compile links that you have on Digg.
  10. Chuck Norris Facts – ok. I’m just kidding. You wouldn’t want to have this module unless you are a Chuckie fan.

There you have it, ten cool Yahoo Mash profile that hopefully will make you start using Yahoo’s social networking site. To add those modules into your Mash profile simply click on the Modules tab and start grabbing these ten modules. It’s as easy as mashing some potatoes guys.