10 Twitter Reactions to “The Daily” iPad Newspaper Unveiling

Rupert Murdoch unveiled “The Daily” yesterday, a much-hyped, iPad-only daily newspaper. At $39.99 for a year’s subscription, some are calling its the death of the traditional newspaper – but Twitter, at least, has a more nuanced opinion. We’ve snapped 10 reactions to “The Daily” from Twitter, to give you a glimpse into what those using 140-characters-per-thought think of a newspaper that promises depth in reporting on a daily basis.

Deleted before reading a single article

The terms of privacy do seem a little excessive – The Daily can collect your name, IP address, email address, password, geolocation, hardware and software information, and a whole lot more. This user, at least, isn’t cool with that.

Politics as usual

An ethically-unsavory marketing tactic? Yes. But it does get people talking…

Subscribing to a free service…

Some have argued that the content on The Daily can be found elsewhere, for free. Still… Mapquest, Google, AND Weather.com? For only $39? Sign me up!

So new, it’s already old

When a newly launched newspaper is being called old – even when it is presented in a wholly digital format – you know the dissenters have a lot to say.

Privacy concerns abound

Quite a few users were concerned about the privacy terms outlined by The Daily… think Murdoch will listen up and make a change?

Free! For only $39.99 a year

There might be some similarities between them, but we doubt we’ll see iPads crumpled up and tossed on the subway platforms any time soon.

Global implications

If they have iPads and an internet connection, we suspect Egyptians will be doing a lot more than just reading The Daily.

Access denied

Not available in Canada, not available on any device other than the iPad… Murdoch better hope he’s targeting The Daily to a large enough audience!


$39.99 per year for a flying car? Sign me up! …too bad I’m in Canada…

Quantity, meet quality

Producing daily content isn’t as easy as it looks!