10 Twitter applications to make your Tweetering fun and exciting

10twitterapplications.jpgCouldn’t get enough of Twitter? Want to get the most out of your Tweetering experience? Here are ten Twitter applications to make your Tweetering more fun, useful and exciting.Twitter Post – a simple, stand-alone interface for Twitter.com that lets users to easily post to and read from Twitter feed. Among its many features include; full unicode support, browse main feed and public feed, post to Twitter with using a web browser, unique avatar caching system to speed up post browsing, and many more.

Twitterlicious – makes reading and writing Tweets more fun and easier. It displays the real status of each tweet (i.e., which one is new, which one you’ve missed), automatic refresh, doesn’t lock up when Twitter is down, supports authenticated web proxies.

Twitter Gadget – a Windows Vista Desktop Sidebar gadget that tracks all sweet tweets from Twitter.com, updates every 10 seconds (cool!)

Twitter sync – plugin for synchronizing your Yahoo and Twitter updates

TwitterFeed – lets feed your blog posts into your tweeter account (best app!)

Twhirl – desktop application that keeps you updated with your Twitter account

TwitterMeThis – an online trivia contest which lets you win $5 for Twittering the correct answer to their question. pretty cool idea.

TwitterLocal – lets you generate an RSS or XML feed to filter out Tweets around a certain area

Twittervision – shows you who is updating their Twitter account with their geographical location on the world map.

Twubble – lets you find friends of your current friend. A good way to earn more Twitter followings

If you know of other Twitter apps (I know there are still many apps out there), please leave a comment and we’ll add them to the list.