10 Family-Friendly Social Networking Sites for You

Family 2.0, yup even our beloved families get to have their web 2.0 incarnation. We’ve gathered some well known family friendly social networking and genealogy sites for you. All are safe for every members of the family as far as we can tell. Choose the one that would best suit your family’s social networking needs. Here are 10 Social Networking sites for your family.

Famiva – is the premier social network for families offers a secure space where family members can connect and colalborate, work together to build their family tree, visualize extended family network, share photos and stories, stay current with family events and reminders, explore family maps and more.

Piqniq – a social network for English-speaking families living in Japan which was created to create a specific online community and information resource to help family get things done in a country where simple tasks can easily become complicated.

Family Crossings -offers a venue for the entire family to safely share family photos, family calendar events, special family recipes, parenting tips and important family news. It also help preserve family values by writing new chapters of your family’s history online, create family database containing gift lsits, sends birthday reminders and finds shipping address easily.

Famento – is a place for you to record personal and family history. It lets you keep in touch with people you care about and tell them about your life using photos, videos, stories and more.

Geni.com – Geni is a private place for your family to build your family tree, preserve your history and share your lives. Geni lets you build your family tree, preserve your family history, share your family photos and videos, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other events, create profiles for your children,memorialize loved ones.

Commily – Aims to make parent lives easier and as fun as possible together with their respective families. It allows us, parents to communicate with other parents online, at anytime, to arrange schedules, playdates and even carpools and still be exposed to the little bits of information that are central to our family lives within our communities.

MyFamily.com – Offers a variety of easy-to-maintain family websites, gives families all over the world a unique venue for keeping in touch and strengthening relationships.

Itsourtree – Lets you create your family tree and stay in contact with your relatives.

MyHeritage -Lets you share experiences with family members and friends, and to make it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to discover their heritage and strengthen their bonds with family and friends.

Family.com – Owned by none other than Disney Inc., this site was created to help parents in raising their family in the best environment possible. You can research answers to pressing parenting questions, take advantage of various family-oriented online tools, and more.