Zig has prostitutes prostituting themselves

CFRB_Prostitution1 copy

Toronto talk-radio station CFRB and ad shop Zig, no stangers to controversial street campaigns, last week paid local prostitutes to hold signs reading "Should prostitution be legal?" to promote CFRB shows' dedication to hot-button issues. If nothing else, it made the prostitutes easier to identify—as if anyone had a problem spotting them before. Next, CFRB and Zig will distribute bottles of hand sanitizer and post provocative signs in abandoned stores and on public cigarette disposals. Alas, none of that is related to prostitution. It's meant to tout CFRB's coverage of topics like whether flu shots are really necessary, what to do about the death of mom-and-pop stores and whether smokers should be denied healthcare. Photo by Marc Polidoro.

—Posted by David Gianatasio