You don’t know who Sun Life is? Damn you

What's in a name? Nothing all that compelling, judging from the first glimpse of The Martin Agency's new integrated campaign for Sun Life Financial. It follows two unfunny guys who try to raise the company's profile by convincing brands with "Sun" in their names to add "Life" after it. The "humor" is DOA in the kick-off spot above, in which K.C. & the Sunshine Band are encouraged to become K.C. & the Sun Life Band. Still, it's good to know K.C. survived the '70s, even if most of his hair didn't. These days, he looks more suited for an endorsement of Sunsweet Prunes, which would actually benefit from adding some "Life" to its moniker. I'm kidding, sort of. K.C.'s forever cool (if not forever young). The campaign will also feature riffs on the Sun Life State and Cirque du Sun Life. Whoa, who wouldn't wanna follow this campaign's Twitter feed?!

—Posted by David Gianatasio