You can pack loads of hipsters into a Honda


Just look at this fucking hipster ad from DTDigital for the Honda Jazz in Australia. The basic point is that you can squeeze a lot into the Jazz, and not just libations for its 10 (count them: 10) cupholders. The boring tagline is, "Fits anything you can imagine." Somehow they got an amusing campaign out of that. Over at the Jazz Packing site, you can see how they pack things like ninjas, bodybuilders and rappers into the Jazz. There are some decent parts in those spots (those wacky ninjas, always going after pirates!), but look at this hipster spot! Great care and (dare I say it?) love went into every second of painfully self-aware hipster mocking (which was previously Volkswagen's purview). Choice lines include: "With such an amazing field of vision, it makes being judgmental of people who aren't as cool as you even easier. LATFH." And: "For those who love irony—the user manual is printed on 200 GSM stock, yet typeset in Arial?" There's a contest and some social-media stuff too, but who cares? Everybody's doing social media now, and I'm so over it.