Yet another new ad venue: packs of tissues

For all the talk of emerging media and electronic wizardry, this release, promoting the idea of advertising on packs of tissues, struck me as decidedly old school. (The company behind the release, AdPack USA, is running a contest, with a $5000 grand prize, for ad creatives who want to try their germ-filled hands at tissue creative.) Though I find the claims about the success of the "tissue pack" marketing in Japan as a bit dubious (it reminds me of those obscure bands in high school that some hipster always assured you was "big in Japan"—even though they sucked), I’m struck by how obvious advertising on packets of tissue would be for some clients (like, say, Mucinex) during the cold and flu season. Now, I’m beginning to wonder what other obvious media opportunities we’re missing. Any ideas?

—Posted by Aaron Baar