Yes, they’re real. Now stop asking

Wonderbra_1If you get outside at all, you’re probably familiar with Maja Latinovic but may not know it. She’s a gorgeous 25-year-old model and “the new face of Wonderbra” (that’s her on the lingerie maker’s Web site). Her face and torso have adorned many an outdoor kiosk during the past few months, clad in one of Wonderbra’s frilly push-ups. And in a singlehanded effort to boost male chauvinism to new heights, the ads are accompanied by taglines like, “Eye contact is so overrated,” and “Yes they are, thank you” (I wouldn’t have thought otherwise for a second). But here comes another dazzler, Tyra Banks, whom you might really ask that question of. Her answer: Yes they are, and I’m going to prove it on TV. Apparently tired of accusations that she’s a silicone sweetie, Banks, of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and America’s Next Top Model fame, will use her new daytime talk show to deflate such vicious rumors. In today’s edition of the syndicated program, she will have an on-air sonogram to prove that her breasts are an implant-free zone. But the show will discuss more weighty topics, too, like breast cancer. Who said TV was a vast wasteland?

—Posted by Steve McClellan