Would a baby app scare guys into safe sex?


Here's a case study for a fictional Durex iPhone app that simulates the experience of having a newborn. Created for the Cannes Future Lions 2010 competition, the video shows how such an app could scare young men into using condoms. I especially like the idea of a QR code in Durex packaging that would link to an "Anti Knock-Up Application" that protects your iPhone from being impregnated by mobile-device debauchery. The challenge of the Future Lions contest was to "advertise a product from a global brand in a way that couldn't be conceived five years ago." To that end, designers Nicolai Villads, Peter Ammentorp and Raul Montenegro seem to have hit the mark. I definitely don't think anyone in 2005 could have predicted the profitable sound of two phones humping.

—Posted by David Griner