Wonderbra ad updated for a disabilities PSA


"Look me in the eyes … I said the eyes," reads the headline on the disability-awareness print ad above, featuring Tanja Kiewitz, a Belgian graphic designer who is missing the lower half of her left arm. The ad is a play off the famous Wonderbra poster below, starring Eva Herzigova—which had that exact same headline. Kiewitz has become an overnight sensation in Europe since the new ad was first published in late September. "People often think that handicapped people don't have a personality, that they are strange people," she says. "They have to see that I'm a woman above all, and that I can be beautiful and sexy, and the handicap is secondary." Kiewitz was nervous for the shoot, but "after a couple of glasses of wine it all went fine." She adds:  "It would be good if handicapped people started to be used to advertise other things. Why shouldn't somebody with a disability be a model? It would make a change from those models who all look alike. Why don't we have more people in wheelchairs speaking on TV? They can speak as well as anybody else." Via Osocio.