Women will not like this Farmer John’s spot

"There is a way to get a hot dog at home to taste just as good as the one at the game." So says Farmer John's in this spot by Mendelsohn Zien, which really captures what most marriages are like: a guy on the couch sucking down messy hots dogs, secure enough in himself to let both waist- and hairlines go, while his hot blonde wife stops vacuuming in the other room to play organ flourishes in an effort to recreate a ballpark atmosphere. Why does she look so annoyed? Maybe if she practiced more, she'd get the tune right! Oh, and he's going to need another beer soon. And what about his shirts? They're not going to iron themselves. I say, if she doesn't shape up, there'll be no luvin' tonight from that slovenly stud-muffin!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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