Windows phone doesn’t like to be looked at


Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 introductory campaign, by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, shows folks who are so immersed in what's on their mobile screens, they're blissfully disconnected from the world around them. This shouldn't be surprising—the phone's announcement video last winter showed a woman engrossed in her Windows phone while traversing a city on foot. But now, they've reversed the messaging. The oblivious people is the new spots aren't using the Windows device; they're using rival phones—which the Windows phone will, according to the spots, somehow "save us" from. I suppose that's a noble idea. Personally, I don't really want to be saved! Reality, by and large, sucks. I'd rather not pay attention to the drab cubicle walls, the insides of grimy subway cars and the vomit on the sidewalk. Thanks, but I'll take my apps! And as for Donovan's omninous "Season of the Witch" as a soundtrack for the spot below—that's best used in spots for incense, Halloween tours of Salem, Mass., and remastered versions of Donovan's Greatest Hits. A second new Windows phone spot after jump. Via AgencySpy.