Wii spanking game halted at the U.S. border


Ubisoft is releasing a new game in the U.K. called We Dare that consists of a number of minigames intended to involve you in high-school-style sexualized shenanigans. The game features typical Miis in bright, fairly unsexual environments, but the ad campaign features two couples having a nice dinner and then sitting down in front of the Wii for a session of spanking, stripping and making out with the Wiimote. A resulting four-way is implied in the ad and in the press release, which emphatically suggests, "The more friends you invite to party, the spicier the play!" Ubisoft has now announced that the game will not be released in America—probably because Americans think of the Wii as the family-friendly console, and because a few minutes of PG-13 chick-on-alien-chick content in the epic video game Mass Effect caused oodles of blowback. There's already a glut of posts decrying the objectification of women in We Dare, and a lot people with bad memories saying we've entered a new era of sexualized video games. Sadly, the only thing new about a sex video game (Japan is way ahead of us in this, trust me) is actually marketing it to women in addition to men. Get ready for this to go viral.