Wieden rolling out Coke ‘Bottle Films’

Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam, which created the “Happiness Factory” Coke spot that we wrote about last week, has crafted a bunch of viral, animated “Bottle Films” as part of the same “Coke side of life” campaign. The one above, called “Inspiration,” has just been released. It shows a painter whose psychedelic drug of choice is Coca-Cola. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Absolut campaign in which artists were commissioned to paint blank Absolut bottles. Here’s another “Bottle Film” called “Doggy,” which stars a manic pooch who drinks some Coke and finds himself in a calm, submissive state. And here’s another called “Mr. Happy and the Cloud,” featuring two co-dependent lumps of red Play-Doh.

—Posted by Tim Nudd