What Donald Trump and penis patches have in common

Some say Donald Trump has jumped the shark, but he’s still
on top, along with penis patches, in the world of spam. AOL has
released its list of the top 10 global spam e-mail subject lines from 2005, as
measured by its spam filters. They are: 1) Donald Trump Wants You—Please
Respond; 2) Double Standards New Product—Penis Patch; 3) Body Wrap: Lose 6-20
inches in one hour; 4) Get an Apple iPod Nano, PS3 or Xbox 360 for Free; 5)
It’s Lisa, I must have sent you to the wrong site; 6) (xx)Breaking Stock
News(xx) Small Cap Issue Poised to Triple; 7) Thank you for your business.
Shipment notification (77FD87); 8) (IMPORTANT) Your Mortgage Application is
Ready; 9) Thank you: Your $199 Rolex Special Included; and 10) Online Prescriptions
Made Easy. In 2004, the top spam subject line was, “We carry the most popular
medications.” In 2003, it was simply, “Viagra online.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Photo: NewsCom