Wes Anderson Films a Goofy and Brilliant Ad for American Express

Life on his film sets

I never saw The Life Aquatic, so I guess I'm a lapsed fan, but Wes Anderson's new commercial for American Express is really fantastic.

Anderson prowls around a movie set, talking directly to the camera about how to make a good film while humorously directing his hapless cast and crew—including, of course, Jason Schwartzman. ("Cut! Cut! Not enough smoke, and the snow is too loud.") It's nice to see that Anderson can poke fun at his own quirks and reputation for obsessiveness.

Anderson's current film project, by the way, is apparently a stop-motion animated version of Fantastic Mr. Fox, the children's book by Roald Dahl. That project was announced in 2004, and there have been few updates since then. If and when that movie is released, will it feature a Mr. Fox brand of clothing?

Via AdJab.