The Week on AdFreak

Sexist ads, Kenny Powers, tiny bellies and huge scams: the week's top posts

It was quite the sexist week on AdFreak. "Got milk?" turned off the ladies with a bizarre new campaign portraying PMS-ing women as total bitches. We followed that up with a collection of 10 sexist ads through the years. (I know, I know. What's wrong with being sexy?) Also this week, Kenny Powers kicked some ass as the next CEO of K-Swiss; ladies stripped down for Zappos; and an innocent-looking set of banner ads were accused of a $1 million crime. See those stories and more by clicking on the links below.

The 10 most-read stories on AdFreak from July 8-15, 2011:
1. 10 Sexist Ads Made by Total Pigs
2. Got PMS? Have a Glass of Milk, You Crazy Bitch
3. Ladies Get Naked in Public for New Zappos Campaign
4. Listen Up, Morons. Kenny Powers Is Now the CEO of K-Swiss
5. Tiny Belly, Huge Scam: Banner Ads Accused of $1 Billion Hustle
6. Fashion Site Nixes Photo of Freakishly Thin-Looking Model
7. Man's Animated Tattoo Brought to You by Ballantine's Whisky
8. Wieden, TBWA Earn Multiple Emmy Nominations
9. New Ads Injected Into Old Shows, Making Syndication Even More Profitable
10. 'Jersey Shore' Ushers in Douchebag Renaissance in Italian Art