The Week on AdFreak

Twitter-born breakfast cereal, every iPhone ad ever, and Kenny Powers' final lap for K-Swiss

The 10 most-read AdFreak posts from the past week:
1. Apple's iPhone TV Ads: The Complete Campaign
2. Kenny Powers Unveils the Fastest Shoe You've Ever Seen
3. Kellogg Creates Totes Amazeballs Cereal in Response to a Tweet
4. Girls' Education Campaign Runs Street Ad Only Women Can See
5. Ad for Whitney Houston's House: Where She Fell From Grace!
6. Ford Sneaks a Fake Swimsuit Model Into 'Sports Illustrated'
7. Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Has Twice the Awkward Innuendo
8. Go Vegan and Knock Your Girlfriend Around a Bit, Says PETA
9. 10 Great Ads That Used to Be Movies
10. Obsessed With Advertising? This Is the Award Show for You