A Webcam not for the faint of heart

PiranhacamForget that old aquarium screensaver with the gently rising bubbles and colorful fish swimming by peacefully. Piranha Cam is here. The people at Piranha Pictures in Nashville, Tenn., have pointed a camera at a tank of eight red-bellied piranha that the company keeps as mascots. If you time it right, you can watch them devour goldfish at feeding time. The cam is part of the film and production company’s new Web site, which contains other features, like demo reels, of course. “We figured, Why not put virtual piranha in every office?” says Rob Zimmerman, founder and executive producer. “It’s great marketing, because it plays to both our history and our namesake.” Maybe he’s right. The last time we tried to log on to the Webcam, it said it was overloaded “due to overwhelming popularity.”

—Posted by Jim Lovel