Watch This Solemn and Thoughtful Minute of Silence Marking Hurricane Katrina’s 10th Anniversary

British agency creates touching tribute

Hurricane Katrina's devastation of the Gulf Coast is mostly remembered for the chaos it created. But a new remembrance video captures a different aspect: the eerie silence of broken lives and communities.

Created by the ethically focused British agency Nice and Serious to mark the storm's 10th anniversary this weekend, "One Minute for Katrina" is a stark visual reminder of the rampant destruction caused by Katrina, which left more than 1,800 Americans dead and caused nearly incalculable economic loss for the region.

The video doesn't end with any sort of call to action, and in fact it contains no text at all. Instead, it's made entirely of animated clips modeled after real, iconic photos taken in the storm's aftermath.

"It was our way of remembering and hopefully helping others remember the event and its aftermath too," said agency editor Serafima Serafimova. "Often our busy lives don't leave many opportunities for us to stop and reflect—even when it's only for a minute. We hoped that by producing this animation we could give people the space to do this."