Was Jon Stewart’s MPA gig just a warm-up for the Oscars?

Jon_stewartBeautiful people, brace yourselves. It seems that Daily Show host Jon Stewart will be hosting this year’s Oscars, and if the Magazine Publishers of America debacle at Advertising Week is any indication, the results won’t be as pretty as the folks in the audience, excluding Jack Nicholson. (You remember, Jon told a roomful of advertisers that magazines sit at the “kid’s table” of public discourse.) I for one am psyched, particularly following Stewart’s irreverent take on broadcast self-censorship during the 2005 Emmy Awards. One thing that does concern me: Award shows have a habit of hiring brilliant and—dare I use an overused word?—edgy (I’m so sorry) comedians like Chris Rock, only to then ask them to tone it down, or else they take offense at their antics. I only hope the Oscars embraces what the MPA didn’t. To quote Time’s Jim Kelly, “When you invite a fire eater to the party, the curtains are going to get singed.” Burn, baby, burn.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit

Photo: Steve Maller