Virgin Mobile in front row for Britney’s tour

Circus Tour copy

Yes, we know it makes one a bit queasy to see the word "mother," or for that matter, the word "virgin," in close proximity to the name "Britney Spears." Our alarm at seeing this threesome in the headline of a press release was allayed, however, when we read on to learn that Virgin Mobile USA had enlisted creative agency Mother New York to help get mileage out of the brand's sponsorship of the 2009 Britney Spears Circus Tour. As the photo here shows, one feature of the campaign (which coincides with the launch of Virgin Mobile's Helio Ocean 2 multimedia device) is an opportunity to win a seat upgrade at one of the shows by dint of speedy texting. See a larger image here. Best of luck to one and all!

—Posted by Mark Dolliver