The upside to Carat’s layoffs e-mail debacle


To: Carat, AdFreak
From: Dave
Re: HR e-mail fiasco
  Hey, Carat, tough luck about that companywide e-mail your chief people officer sent out about the upcoming layoffs. But I’m looking on the bright side: what a great opportunity to hire a new chief people officer! In fact, I’d like to apply! Am I qualified? Well, I’m a people person—as long as people stay out of my personal space and don’t jam my phone and in-box with crap about "benefits" and "salary reviews." I also have ideas on improving corporate morale. These include soothing Styx music piped into the office, no-pants Fridays and mashed-potato wrestling in the break room. Best of all, I never, ever copy unintended recipients on sensitive e-mails. Hell, if AdFreak got wind of this note, they’d probably post it and make me look like a total IDIOT! PS: It can be Moby instead of Styx, shirtless Tuesdays and boardroom foxy boxing. It’s all good!

—Posted by David Gianatasio