Underwear needs a pride parade?

Underwear1Look out New Yorkers! Nearly naked men and women will be roaming your city streets on August 10th asking whether you prefer boxers or briefs and thongs or bikinis? The underwear-clad crazies (hmmm, doesn’t New York already have one of those? The aforementioned Naked Cowboy?) will be out in support of National Underwear Day, a marketing scheme—apparently in its third year—cooked up  by Freshpair.com, an Internet retailer of men’s and women’s skivvies. Those surveyed will also be asked to sign a petition to urge "official recognition of this annual panty pride occasion," according to a press release. "National Underwear Day was created to bring attention to something almost everyone wears, but rarely gets the attention it deserves," said Freshpair chief operating officer Michael Kleinmann. Actually, I’d prefer my underwear to keep a low profile, but maybe that’s just me.

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool