Under fire, Dodge makes a chimp disappear


Dodge has caved to PETA's demands and altered—though in a funny, possibly tongue-in-cheek way—a commercial in which a chimp in an Evel Knievel costume detonates a bunch of confetti. Check out the original and revised spots below. The idea of the original was that a monkey is just about the only thing that could make Dodge's "tent event" more amazing. Instead of rethinking the spot after PETA complained, Dodge (and its agency, Wieden + Kennedy) just digitally stripped out the chimp, and the revised version refers to him as an "invisible monkey"—a change that might technically solve the problem but seems less than sincere in addressing the core issue. (It works great in the context of the ad, though, as an invisible monkey is even more amazing than a regular monkey!) The idea that Dodge might be needling PETA a bit also comes across in the revised voiceover (from Dexter's Michael C. Hall). "Oh wait, there's an invisible monkey," he says. "Unbelievable." Read more of the backstory at the Los Angeles Times. Via Jalopnik.