Trust Dennis Hopper with your retirement

Hopper_2 The Onion has posted an amusing piss-take opinion piece about Saatchi’s Ameriprise ad campaign with Dennis Hopper. A couple of excerpts: “Retirement planning means a lot of decision making, and thank God I have the soothing presence of that amyl nitrate–huffing, obscenity-screaming, psychosexual lunatic from Blue Velvet to guide me through it.” “When I hear him in those commercials, it’s the familiar voice of a coke-dealing, LSD-fueled hippie cowboy biker putting me at ease.” “Dennis Hopper is more than just the one-eyed, filthy megalomaniac villain from Waterworld: He’s a symbol of smart, responsible preparation for one’s golden years.” See a couple of Hopper’s Ameriprise spots here and here.

—Posted by Tim Nudd