True confessions

ConfessionalThose who always liked the “truth” part best in the game “Truth or Dare” should visit, a blog where people anonymously confess … well, just about anything. “The first thing I ever remember stealing was half of a pencil sharpener in the 4th grade. I don’t remember why but I only wanted half of it. … The funniest thing I stole was a keg. The stupidest was cheese,” writes one person. “I honestly and constantly believe all human beings are stupid and deserve death,” says another. Many of the admissions aren’t printable in a nice, respectable blog like AdFreak. was created by Gabriel Jeffrey, an art director at ad agency Arnold in Boston, who has written a book culled from the confessions on the site: Stoned, Naked, and Looking in My Neighbor’s Window: The Best Confessions from “This is not a bunch of people getting away with stuff. They’re confessing for a reason. It’s more of a how-not-to,” Jeffrey told the Boston Globe. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get a few things off my chest.

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool