Tobey Maguire Is the New and Really Quite Sullen Face of Prada

Despite never really showing much interest in fashion up to now, Tobey Maguire is the new face of Prada menswear in ads shot by David Sims. Huh. Random. Maybe they finally saw that horrible dance sequence from Spider-Man 3 and decided he needed their help. They also gave him some promotional copy to read verbatim when Vogue U.K. asked him what the hell he was doing. "A great supporter of the arts, Miuccia Prada has inspired a culture of creativity that is woven through every aspect of her company," Maguire said, adding: "I have such admiration for her artistry." My ass, he does. I'm guessing this is going to tie in with his upcoming role in The Great Gatsby somehow. Either that or, judging from these pictures, he's playing a young Robert Smith in a Cure biopic. Two full images after the jump.