This Agency Just Made a Beer Specifically to Drink in the Shower

Called, obviously, Shower Beer

The shower beer is such an underrated beer. And yet, it flies under the radar. But no more! Swedish ad agency Snask has developed a new beer specifically designed to drink in the shower. It’s called Shower Beer, natch, and it was made by Pangpang Brewery, which is an existing Snask client.

Here’s some background from Snask:

We’ve always wanted to have our own beer (like all hipsters do). But not any beer, and certainly not just a regular creative agency brew saying “Snask Lager.” We wanted an idea, a concept, something bigger than just the actual beer. Something that could kickstart the night and act as your power-up while fixing your hair and listening to “Dressed for Success” on repeat. We already work with the local genius brewer Fredrik “Pangpang” Tunedal, so it felt obvious that he would be the backbone of the brewing part.

And here’s a little more detail on the beer itself, and the packaging:

We chose to create the Shower Beer. A sweet but strong pale ale in a 18 cl small bottle [about 6 ounces] meant to gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night. It will, of course, also work to start the night in any bar, alone or with your friends. Screen printed in pink on a brown small glass bottle, we want the Shower Beer to be seen by being slender, elegant and different. The first batch sold out instantly at the first release party. The second is in the brewery tanks.

We spoke to Fredrik Öst, founder and creative director at Snask, and asked him a little more about the project.

Where did this idea come from? Please, please tell me it came to you in the shower.
We do a lot of sauna bathing in Sweden, and most of the time we drink beer while doing it. It happens every time that someone walks out to have a shower with a beer in their hand. That’s really how it happened for us the first time. We then found out there was a whole community dedicated to drinking beer in the shower, so we decided we wanted to give us, as well as them, something extra.

How much of it are you actually producing?
We’ve done two batches so far. It’s going slow due to regulations and laws. But in Stockholm you’ll find it in various bars as well as in the minibars in the rooms of a hotel. Bringing it into the U.S. has proved to be the biggest challenge so far. Not only FDA and exporting laws but there’s also a brewery in Virginia that has a beer they named “Shower Beer,” but they are not interested in co-existing with our beer on the market, so if we even try to register the trademark, they could sue us.

Can you describe the taste?
It’s sweet and fresh. A bit citrusy. And somewhere in there you could be reminded of a great smelling shampoo, but very subtle. Everyone that has tasted it loves it.

It’s 10 percent alcohol, yes? That’s pretty strong for beer. It’s meant to get you ready for a night out?
Yep! But it’s only 18 cl in size. So you’ll sip it in four or five gulps. With it being 10 percent, sweet in taste and made to drink in the shower, it’s of course the perfect pre-game beer. But also just drinking it on a Monday night after work when you hit the shower. Or why not buy a round of them in the bar as the first beer of the night while out and about!

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