Target takes a dive

Target11_creditTarget is doing a publicity stunt today in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center that really is a stunt, per The New York Post. It has set up a vertical runway composed of Target logos on which—or maybe it’s better to say along which—17 acrobats clad in Target fall fashions are descending, making it look like "they are dancing down the face of the building." (The first show was at noon; the second one is at 7 p.m.) While the acrobats are wearing rappelling gear while they catwalk, we’re not sure if this means that all those ropes and clips are something we should be considering as fashionable additions to our fall wardrobe. But when you consider this development along with the fact that HBO is also currently running a billboard campaign that includes rappelling down a building, we’re beginning to wonder.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Credit: Stephen Lovekin/ Newswire Photo Service/Newscom