Tammy Faye gets Leo Burnett in a charitable mood

TammyfayeSo, Leo Burnett’s feeling philanthropic. In addition to searching for a national nonprofit to lift from obscurity, the agency is aiming to boost charitable giving among its employees by bringing in the big guns: Tammy Faye Messner. The former leader of the PTL Club Ministry, who’s no stranger to helping out strangers in the ad industry, is appearing in a series of Web spots (click on the buzzing bee at the top right to see them) encouraging Burnett employees to donate to the Black United Fund, The Off the Street Club, Community Health Charities of Illinois and the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. In the films, which have been running for eight days, TFM gives a short “thoughts of the day” soliloquy. (Among the topics is an entreaty for agency CEO Tom Brenardin to give more than anyone.) The tagline is: “You can’t say no to Tammy Faye.”

—Posted by Aaron Baar