Talking Food Gets Amusingly Raunchy in Culinary School Spots

Pastry is seductive, ducks are borderline gross—but funny

The San Diego Culinary Institute has a trio of talking food commercials that are funny, albeit in a dumb way, but also a lot more sexually charged than this kind of ad tends to be. The “Napoleon” ad at least tries to be a little seductive (and who among us hasn't been seduced by dessert before? Don't lie to yourselves), but the “Ducks” spot borders on flat-out inappropriate. I mean, I'm OK with it, but I hope the institute knows what it's getting into. Some of its incoming applications might get pretty strange. Created by San Francisco agency Muh-tay-zik | Hoff-fer. See all three spots and credits after the jump. 

Agency, Production Company: Muh-tay-zik | Hof-fer
Executive Creative Director: John Matejczyk
Creative Director, Director: Diko Daghlian
Executive Producer: Michelle Spear
Senior Copywriter: Josh Bogdan
Art Director: John Soto
Producers: Michelle Spear, Kelli Bratvold
Account Supervisor: Carolina Cruz-Letelier
Director of Photography: Eric Noren
Art Director: Art Wilinski
Prop Stylist: Jonathan Nicholson
Food Stylist: Katie Christ

Editing: Barbary Post
Executive Producer: Kristin Jenkins
Editor: Matt O’Donnell
Assistant Editor: Nick Haynes
Colorist: Steve McEuen
Smoke Artist: Greg Gilmore

Audio: One Union
Senior Engineer: Eben Carr [ISDN patch via POP Studios]
On-Camera Principals
"Salmon:" Bonnie Sarlette
"Napoleon:" Sterling King (SDCI student)
"Ducks L'Orange:" Brian Karpel (SDCI student)

Voice Actors
"Salmon:" Nathan Lowe, Matt O'Donnell
"Napoleon: Jeremy Wirth
"Ducks L'Orange:" Nathan Lane, Christopher Alex via Voicecaster
End Tag: Nathan Lowe