Svedka site a big ‘Svo what?’

Svedka1My curiousity piqued by yesterday’s New York Post headline—"Svedka and ‘Femme Bot’ Likely to Offend Everyone,"—I journeyed to the far-out site today to meet the femme bot. After first typing in my birthdate, I was dismayed to learn that in 2033, the year in which the site is set, I will be 56. After that bad news, the rest of the site seemed less than charming; it’s loaded with copy that’s overwritten, questionably edited and not as humorous as it thinks it is—detailing what goes on in the years leading up to 2033: In 2031, for example, "the Gay Man’s Fashion Gene [was] discovered. The Gay Man’s Fashion Gene led to the hot, able-bodied, but horribly dressed, heterosexual community. A few years later it was sold over-the-counter making the male population more desirable than females. Ushering in the era of Men’s Night sponsored by Svedka." Uh, what? All the copy is just a lead-in to the pictures of the glass-and-plastic Svedka girl (who you can download), and "future drinks" full of bad, suggestive puns. So, am I offended? No. Just a little bored.   

—Posted by Mae Anderson