Summer’s Eve didn’t see a problem with ad


After apologizing last week for telling women that cleaning one's vagina is the first step toward getting a pay raise at work, Summer's Eve has elaborated on how the ad in question was approved to run. In short, brand manager Angela Bryant says they "never made the connections" that it might be an unfortunate message to send out. That they didn't see anything wrong at first is worrisome and weird, but at least they're following up and being honest. They're also vowing to improve outreach to make future ads more "relevant and respectful." Below is Bryant's full statement, posted in comments under our original item:

  "Hello this is Angela Bryant, Summer’s Eve Brand Manager. I want to thank you for speaking your mind on what appeared in Woman's Day. Many of you have asked 'what were they thinking?' In all honesty, we never made the connections when the editorial was reviewed and we apologize. We are working hard to adjust our current ad campaigns, though unfortunately, one or two may appear in upcoming magazines that were already in production when these concerns became evident.
  Moving forward, Summer's Eve wants to not only connect with our customers, but to be an active leader on the issues that matter to women. We just engaged a progressive communications team, and in the next several weeks, we'll be talking to women all over the country about the issues that matter to us as women. We're insisting on open and frank discussions to make sure all of our future marketing and education efforts are relevant and respectful.
  I want to know what you would like to hear and see from Summer's Eve, so send me an email at
  Thank you again, Angela Bryant."