Study: ads actually make TV more enjoyable

Enjoyable ads copy

The ad industry has long felt besieged by DVR technology, which has given more and more TV viewers the ability to fast-forward through commercials. But what if the viewers are actually the big losers in this trend? What if commercials actually make TV more enjoyable? Counterintuitive as it sounds, that's the conclusion of a recent report in the Journal of Consumer Research. "Six studies demonstrate that, although people preferred to avoid commercial interruptions, these interruptions actually made programs more enjoyable," the research summary states. A wide range of tests found that people consistently liked a show more when it was interrupted by commercials, regardless of whether the ads were good or bad. "Watching a single program without a break led to the enjoyment dropping in the second half," the blog Ars Technica writes in its comprehensive report on the study. "Adding a commercial eliminated this plunge." Photo: spike55151 on Flickr.

—Posted by David Griner