Stop drinking that human fat, NYC ads urge


New York City's health department is set to wage war on sugary drinks (and the appetites of subway riders) with new MTA ads that show globs of human fat being poured from a soda bottle. "Don't drink yourself fat," says the copy in the ad above. "Cut back on soda and other sugary beverages. Go with water, seltzer or low-fat milk instead." The ads, offering "a stark reminder of how these products can lead to obesity and related health problems," according to the city, will put people off their lunch (healthy or not) in 1,500 subway cars over a three-month run. And they pulled out all the stops to make the ads as disgusting as possible. "We had to make sure it looked like real human fat," one official tells The New York Times. "We did want those little blood vessels and things like that."

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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